Welcome to Congress!

Welcome to Congress Magazine. We’re a new operation specializing in thoughtful erotica—stories that excite the mind as well as stimulating the senses.

Congress‘s content will always be 100% free (though you can support us by buying issues via Amazon.com or Weightless Books). We love the approach of letting it all, ah, hang out, while still giving people the opportunity to help us keep paying our authors and hosting our site.

Congress is prose-based erotica (for now!), but we love all forms of erotic artwork. Here’s a list of five of our favorite smutty comics sites with the same idea as us: put everything online for free, but allow people to donate. Do we need to say the following links are NSFW? Well, they are. Extremely.

  • Chester 5000 XYV has been around for a long time, but its sweet love story and hot visuals are still a must-read. She just funded a new volume via Kickstarter, and has a Patreon.
  • Alfie is an ongoing webcomic about the sex lives of halfling women. There’s also an elf. Anyway it’s great. Artist InCase has a Patreon.
  • Oh Joy Sex Toy is a comic about… gosh, everything. Sure, there are great sex toy reviews, but some of the guest comics range from smutty one-offs to musings on etiquette to visual how-tos. They also have a Patreon!
  • Oglaf isn’t specifically sexy, but there’s a lot of raunchy content. They have a store.
  • The Rock Cocks is not necessarily supernatural, but it does involve a band with music so good people just start frantically having orgies or jerking off listening to it. Support the Patreon here!

Happy reading!

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