Issue 3 Editorial

Issue 3 of Congress Magazine has no theme, but it does have four fantastic stories for your reading pleasure. Well, in our opinion, quality is the best theme of all. First, we’re excited to tell you that Mr. Matthew Addison has returned to Congress, with an original story this time. “Pink for a Day” explores themes of […]

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Issue 2 Editorial

A couple, feeling the spark has fled, dresses up for an evening in. The QB and the cheerleader, doctor and nurse, strict schoolteacher and naughty pupil… it’s a classic go-to for a cheap laugh in romantic comedies. But the truth is, sexuality allows us to step outside ourselves for a bit. Funny or serious, a […]

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Issue 1 Editorial

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Congress Magazine. Here, you will find what we like to call thoughtful erotica: stories that excite the mind and bewitch the senses as they draw the reader in with strong plots and unforgettable characters. Good smut can be good literature, as connoisseurs know, and we seek to insert ourselves into that grand tradition. […]

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