Pink for a Day

I blinked awake in dimness, and my first inkling of my new situation was when I tried to rub the granules of sleep from my eyes. My hand stopped short, jerked by a silver chain attached to a metal cuff on my wrist. The other end of the chain disappeared into the waistband of my—

            Skirt? It was plaid, ruffled, and short, like something from a schoolgirl porno. I sat up, and gasped, because that movement made all sorts of things shift. There was something in my ass, and something clamped around my cock and balls—neither sensation was painful, but both were noticeable, and I froze, afraid to move much. Both my wrists were chained, attached to whatever apparatus constrained my cock, which ached with a morning erection… but it was a different sort of ache than usual. I lifted the skirt and stared underneath. My dick suffered inside a clear plastic shell, a sheath barely big enough to hold me even at my flaccid size—some kind of male chastity device, with a tiny golden padlock near the top. I felt around down there as best I could, and found a cock ring looped tight around my balls. I tried to feel for the plug or dildo or whatever was stuck in my ass, but the chains weren’t long enough to allow me to reach back there.

The skirt wasn’t all I wore. I had on white over-the-knee socks, and black patent-leather heels—heels!—also locked on with tiny padlocks. My legs felt strange, and it took me a moment to realize they’d been shaved. My pubic hair was gone, too. I couldn’t tell for sure if my chest hair was missing, but I thought so. Up top I wore some kind of too-small white blouse, buttons straining: more schoolgirl garb.

Lights came on all around me, making me blink, and I took in my surroundings. The room was just a box, really, about four feet high by five feet wide by eight feet long—big enough to sit up and turn around in, but not to stand. Low lights gleamed in the ceiling, and the floor was soft, a mattress covered in pale pink bedding. Three of the walls were mirrors, and I stared at my own wide-eyed face.

I’d let my blond hair get shaggy over the summer, and someone had put it into two perky little pigtails. The same someone, presumably, had put mascara and eyeliner on me, and lipstick of a shade my wife would have considered too trashy to ever wear.

There was a wide pink leather collar around my throat, with a heart-shaped padlock dangling from a ring in the front.

Before I could speculate further on my situation, the wall at the far end of my—cell? kennel?—slid up and open, and a voice that had the crackle of a public address system said “Time for breakfast, sluts!”

I peered through the opening, but couldn’t make out much of what was beyond—it was a room, with a higher ceiling than this one. I heard movement beyond the walls on both sides of me. I moved slowly toward the opening, but didn’t come out yet.

The space beyond was softly lit, too, with a hardwood floor and dark walls that looked padded. Soundproofing? There was something strange about the wall straight ahead, something breaking the smoothness at regular intervals, but I couldn’t make it out. Three women came crawling into view, presumably from kennels like mine, and I whimpered as my cock got harder at the sight of them.

One with masses of curly black hair and deep brown skin crawled on all fours, She had silver nipple clamps attached to her heavy breasts, the chain between them brushing the floor as she moved. She wore a red collar, a black and red velvet waist-cincher corset, a garter belt, black stockings, and red spike heels. She moved quickly toward the far wall, faster than the other two, and then knelt, reaching back to grab on to her own heels with both hands. Her ass was covered in welts, old ones crisscrossing fresher ones. I saw the gleaming jewel of a plug in her ass.

The next fastest woman had her hands chained like mine, but attached to metal bands wrapped around her thighs. She wore a shiny metal chastity belt, locked with three little padlocks. The device ran through her crotch and covered her cunt entirely, but there was a hole open at the asshole, and I saw the twinkle of another jeweled butt plug. Was that what I had in my ass? The woman wore some sort of chastity bra, too, smooth metal cups attached to the silver collar around her throat. She was smaller than the woman in the red collar, petite, with auburn hair, and she crawled quickly toward another spot on the wall and knelt as well, hands resting on her thighs.

The last woman was slower, because her hands were bound behind her back with rope, and she had to walk on her knees—though I wasn’t sure why she couldn’t just stand up. She was ice-blonde, her long hair in a high pony tail, and she was wore a royal blue collar. Her clothing consisted of a barely-there white tank top that only partly covered her ample tits, and a pair of skintight blue shorts that completely failed to cover her taut ass. She wore knee pads, too, which must have been a mercy on that hard floor. She took up a spot at the wall by the woman in metal chastity. I watched them, my eyes watering as my cock throbbed in its cage, as their heads bobbed up and down like they were sucking cock—

Wait. Were those glory holes? I shivered, then crawled slowly out of the box.

The PA crackled, and a woman’s voice said, “Silver, teach the new slut the rules, and you’ll get double breakfast.”

The woman locked in chastity shuffled around and smiled at me. She had a pretty, open, friendly face, and her lips were as red as mine. “Come on. Aren’t you hungry?”

I was, terribly. I couldn’t remember when I’d last eaten. I shuffled forward on hands and knees, the plug in my ass shifting as I moved, until I was settled in beside her. The floor was hard against my knees.

“You were slow, so you get stuck with Rocco.” She nodded toward the wall in front of me. There wasn’t a glory hole, but there was a cock there—a dildo, anyway, attached to the wall just as mouth-height for someone kneeling. The cock was huge, flesh-colored, and so anatomically accurate I could see the veins. There was a dildo in front of Red, too, but a much smaller one. I looked, and saw the other two women were sucking their own dildos, eyes closed, with great focus and attention.

“What’s happening?” I said.

“Breakfast and training all at once.” She nodded toward the cock. “Suck that, and you get fed.”

“What do you—”

The woman in red, on my left, made a noise, a half-gasp, half choke, and I watched as her body went rigid, her throat moving in convulsive swallows. She leaned back after a moment, eyes open, looking dazed. Something creamy and white dribbled down her chin. She wiped it away with the back of her hand, then licked it off. The woman shuddered all over, as if she’d just orgasmed, then crawled back toward her crate. A pearlescent drop of something shimmered on the end of the dildo she’d sucked, which was even smaller than Silver’s. Being first had its privileges.

“What was that?” I said.

“You know those meal replacement shake things, the stuff computer programmers like?” Silver nodded toward the dildo before me. “Suck that long enough, and it spurts out several ounces of the stuff, and you’d better swallow it all, because it’s your only meal for hours. You never know how long you have to suck, though. Sometimes it’s a minute, sometimes it’s fifteen.” She shrugged. “They say it teaches perseverance, and the importance of keeping your mouth on the cock. There’s nothing more dispiriting than pulling off at the wrong moment and feeling your breakfast spatter all over your face, and having the other girls lick it off you.”

I stared at the huge dildo. “I… don’t know if I can do that.”

She shrugged. “Mistress likes to watch.” Silver looked up at the ceiling, and for the first time I noticed the cameras gazing down. “If you don’t do it, you might find yourself chained up in the kitchen for the male staff to empty their balls into before they start making her breakfast.”

My stomach rumbled, and I looked at the mammoth cock before me. “I just—suck?”

“Yes. Well, you have to activate it first. See the button?” She nodded her head, and I noticed a small push-button on the wall above the base of the cock. There was a similar button above Silver’s dildo, and she leaned forward, putting her lips on the toy, and slid her mouth slowly along until she’d taken the cock in her mouth all the way to the base… and the tip of her nose pressed the button. A green light came on above the button, and she began sucking in earnest, eyes closed, focused on getting her own breakfast.

How could I ever….? No wonder they’d left the biggest one for me. It would be a challenge. I put my mouth around the dildo, its girth so wide it stretched my jaw. I tried to push myself hard and do it fast, but when the dildo’s head hit the back of my throat, I gagged and came off it, eyes watering. I looked at Silver, still sucking away, though her eyes were wet, too, her mascara starting to run down her cheeks. Spit flowed down her chin and dripped down onto her body, and the sight made my cock get harder, throbbing in its tight cage.

My stomach rumbled, too. That was a problem I could solve, in theory.

I turned my attention back to “Rocco” and wrapped my lips around the head, then eased my way slowly down. The dildo was made of something that felt almost like flesh, and it warmed up with the heat of my mouth. My own cock’s not small, and I’d helped teach a few women to take it to the root over the years, and I tried to remember the advice I’d given them. Relax; empty your mind; don’t push; don’t rush; take your time. When the cock got deep, I didn’t panic, but paused, then pushed on—

And still gagged.

After half a dozen more tries, I got close, so close I could barely see the button even with my eyes crossed, because it was right in front of my nose. I just went for it, feeling the head of the dildo push into my throat, cutting off my air, choking me… but my nose pressed the button, and the light went on. I pulled almost all the way off, then stopped, afraid if I broke full contact the mechanism might reset, and I breathed around the dildo as best I could. From the corner of my eye I saw Silver stiffen and shiver and swallow over and over, and the blonde was bobbing away mechanically just beyond her, and that all turned me on too much to be comfortable.

I closed my eyes and focused on sucking, moving my head back and forth, finding a rhythm, the rocking of my body making the plug in my ass move pleasantly, even enjoying the feel of Rocco pushing into my mouth, sliding between my lips. Time seemed to fall away and I fell into a cocksucking reverie, after a while not even noticing the drool spilling out of my mouth, which was good, since I was unable to wipe it away anyway with my hands tied. I’m not sure how long it took before breakfast was served.

For some reason I hadn’t expected Rocco’s jizz to be warm, and it pumped out hard and fast, the dildo spasming in my mouth. At the exact moment the dildo began spurting, the plug in my ass started to vibrate, hard, sending powerful pulses of pleasure through my body and wrecking my ability to focus. The fluid filled my mouth, and though I tried to swallow it all, I couldn’t, and some of it spilled through my lips and down my chin, dripping onto my knee socks.

When Rocco stopped gushing forth, the plug in my hole began to vibrate with new intensity and rhythm, and I just lost it. I fell over on my side, convulsing with pleasure, moaning and twitching. The buzzing in my ass tapered off, then stopped, and I trembled, clenching and unclenching around the unfamiliar object in my ass. I hadn’t had an orgasm—at least not as I knew them—but my cock was dripping, too, pre-come collecting at the hole in the tip of the cage. I tried to wipe off my face, but of course, I couldn’t reach with my chained hands.

Then Silver was kneeling over me, leaning forward, gently licking the rest of the fluid off my face, her lips brushing my own, but when I lifted my mouth to kiss her, she pulled away. “Be good. We only get to play together if Mistress tells us to. But she likes to watch this part.” I lay still while she finished licking my face clean.

She helped me back up on my knees, and we both looked at the blonde, still bobbing away at her cock, her ponytail swinging, streaks of mascara down her cheeks. She was whimpering, almost inaudibly, and the crotch of her tight shorts was soaked from the wetness of her cunt; I could smell her, and that made me hard, too.

“Poor Blue,” Silver said. “She always has bad luck. Or else Mistress likes the way she looks on her knees.”

I tore my eyes away. “Why did the other one—Red? Why did she get to have her hands free?”

Silver shrugged. “Proven obedience. They know Red won’t use her hands to press the button, or for anything else that’s forbidden. I touched myself without permission yesterday. You see what that got me.” She gestured at the metal chastity. “Though I’ve got a plug in my ass and one in my pussy, too. It’s nice. Blue got the knee pads as a reward for being a good girl and swallowing every drop during a gangbang last week.”

Last week? “How long have you been here?”

“Six days. But I’ve only been sleeping in here for a couple. This is the room for inexperienced and reluctant cocksuckers. I had some gag reflex issues, and I generally focus too much on my own pleasure, they said, so they put me here. There are… other chambers. Do you take it in the ass often?”

I stared at her, taken aback by the sudden shift. “I, uh, no.”

She whistled. “I bet I can predict your future, then.” She started to crawl back toward her kennel. “Take care, Pink.”

Pink? I thought of my own collar, and groaned. Unsure what else to do, I started toward my kennel, but the PA crackled and the woman—Mistress?—said, “Pink, stay. Face down, ass up.”

I thought about it, and decided not to obey. I started to stand up instead—and a sudden jolt hit my cock and balls. I gasped and fell over on my side.

The blonde, Blue, laughed, and I lifted my head to look at her. The come from her cock—the second biggest, nearly the size of Rocco—was all over her face and dripping onto her chest. “Shock collar for your cock,” she said. “You must have been bad.” She shuffled back to her room.

“Be good, Pink,” the speaker said. “Face down. Ass up. Get that secondary fuckhole up in the air. Eyes closed. Wait.”

I did my best to obey, struggling to my knees first, then putting my forehead on the floor, like I was doing downward dog post in yoga… except for my exposed, plugged ass.

I stayed there, waiting, for I don’t know how long. I heard movement, a door opening and closing, but when I tried to peek I got another jolt—they were watching me closely. I kept my eyes closed after that, and listened to the other women leaving, accompanied by yelps, smacks, and gasps. Silver’s voice wafted by me: “Good luck.” That unauthorized utterance was followed by a slap and a cry of pain.

Finally, rough hands seized me by the arms. A man’s voice said, “On your feet.” I started to open my eyes, but it didn’t matter, because a blindfold suddenly covered my face. I heard the snap of metal on metal, and a simultaneous tug on my neck and on my poor trapped cock—I’d been leashed at both points.

I stumbled along, blind, and once almost fell to my knees because I was unaccustomed to heels. The chain at my throat almost strangled me then, and a male voice laughed and said, “This slut needs walking lessons.”

“Right after anal lessons.” Both men laughed.

I considered trying to run, but blind, bound, and electrified, I didn’t dare.

“Here we are, cunt.” The men guided me forward until my knees hit something soft over something firm, like a padded bench. They pushed me forward, and I knelt. Was I kneeling backward in a chair? No, because when they pushed me forward, and I bent at the waist, something firmly padded supported my stomach and chest too. I’d seen spanking benches on the internet, furniture made to administer beatings, and I said, “No no no!”and tried to struggle upright.

“The word ‘no’ doesn’t mean anything to us, slut.” One of them pressed down on my back, and the other one slapped my face, not hard, but it shocked me enough to shut me up. They unchained my hands… but only long enough to reposition them and chain them again, more tightly, to what felt like the padded armrests of a chair. They chained my ankles, too, and then I was fixed in place, held on all fours, pinned down on an apparatus designed to make me open to use and available to pain.

“Hello, Pink.” It was the voice from the PA, but now it was right in my ear, low and breathy. “Getting used to your new life?”

“I can’t—you can’t do this to me.”

She chuckled, voice warm. “I don’t respond to ‘can’t,’ slut. Open your mouth.”

“What—” Before I could get another word out, another dildo, not as big as Rocco but close, slid into my mouth. “Let’s see if that practice at breakfast taught you anything.” She seized my pigtails and pulled my hair hard as she fucked my face, moving her hips at a steady pace, slamming in and then sliding almost all the way out and then slamming in again. After a couple of minutes she pulled out, then slapped my face, harder than the men had. “Bad girl. Suck harder. When I pull out my dick I want to hear a ‘pop.'” She shoved the dildo back in, fucking my mouth roughly, and I whimpered and gagged, but did my best to obey, and when she pulled out suddenly next time there was an audible popping sound when the cock came free. “Hmm. Not bad. I’ll let the boys have a go.” I licked my sore lips and whimpered.

A hand—hers?—trailed along my side, almost tickling me. “What a pretty skirt. Pretty ass, too.” She slapped my rear, making me jump, or at least, jump as much as I could while chained down. “We’ll keep this hole plugged when I’m not using it, understand?” Her fingers tugged at the plug in my ass, and I clenched, instinctively.

Another slap, much harder, on my ass. “Relax. Breathe out.” I did as she ordered, and gasped as the plug slid out. Immediately something else was sliding in my ass, and cool wetness filled me. “Just pumping some lube into you, slut,” she said. Her finger slid into the hole, fucking my ass, and I moaned and rocked my hips without consciously meaning to. “Does that feel good?” she said. “If so, enjoy it. If not, endure it. Your pleasure doesn’t interest me. My own does. Be a good girl and open up that primary fuckhole again.”

Hands grabbed my pigtails again, and suddenly there was another cock in my mouth, but this one was real, warm and throbbing and firm, thrusting in and out with insistent rhythm. “I’d better not feel teeth, Pink,” one of the men said, and I did my best to be careful. The sensation of having my mouth used while the Mistress fingered my ass was overwhelming, and I could feel my cock dripping on the spanking bench, useless erection straining against the cage.

“Ready for my cock in your little boy cunt?” she said, and something huge pushed into my ass, but slowly, slowly. Her hands grabbed my hips, and tiny pricks of pain told me fingernails were digging in. The dildo in my ass, strapped to my Mistress’s hips, moved in and out, and soon she was fucking me in rhythm along with the man using my mouth.

At first it was uncomfortable, and overwhelming, but when it became clear they were going to use me however they liked no matter how I writhed or moaned, something in me… floated away. I ceased to exist as a person, and became nothing but a set of wet holes. I didn’t have a name, a job, a home, or anything, except a purpose: to please cock. I no longer had a past, or a future, or anything but a now.

A feeling built inside me, like the build-up to orgasms I’d had before, but also different—a sensation less of my cock and more of my body. The man using my mouth grunted and yanked my hair and his cock swelled in my mouth and spurted hot come into my throat, just as my Mistress grabbed my hips and thrust herself into me as deep as she could. At that moment the swelling feeling inside me exploded. Everything went all fireworks, and then a sort of swimmy gray.

When I came back to myself, someone was gently slapping my cheek. “Good slut,” my Mistress said. “You just had your first boygasm. Get used to them—that’s the only way you get to come from now on.” I gasped as one of the men slid a plug back into my ass, keeping my hole filled when not in use, as promised. My Mistress kissed my lips, but only briefly, then said, “Your cock dripped all over the bench. You’d better clean it up.” I heard the click of heels on hardwood, and a door opening and closing, and then the blindfold was ripped from my eyes.

I blinked in the lights, and a man slapped me before I got a look at his face. “Eyes down, cunt. You don’t need to look any higher than my cock.” I obeyed, gazing down at two sets of black boots as they unchained me, then forced me to my knees by the back of the spanking bench. “You heard your Mistress,” they said, and pushed my face into the puddle I’d dripped from my caged cock.

“No,” I whimpered, cool come pressing into my cheek.

“You know what the word no means?” one man said.

“It means ‘force me,'” the other said, and pushed my head again.

I wept as I licked it all up.

After a while, one of the men said, “Good girl. You got every drop. Mistress said if you did that, you could attend her tonight.”

I was ashamed of how happy hearing that made me.

* * *

They took me to a bathroom, and Blue was waiting there, naked, her body perfect, her smirk cruel. One of the men walked over, squeezed her tits, and slapped her ass, which she accepted without a word. The men conferred with her for a moment, then left, and Blue looked me up and down. “You’re a messy slut,” she said. “Come on, let’s get you cleaned up.” She held up a key. “Don’t touch yourself inappropriately, or try to touch me. You’re being watched.”

She unlocked my cock, and I gasped with relief, but didn’t touch myself. She removed my plug, too, then watched me as I used the bathroom, granting me no privacy at all. Blue continued to watch as I cleaned off my make-up and showered, but she stepped in to wash my cock and my ass herself, roughly, though that turned me on anyway. “Better get that thing soft again.” She slapped downward on my cock hard enough to make tears spring to my eyes. “Otherwise Mistress will put you in an even smaller cage.”

I thought of unappetizing, unsexy things as I toweled off, and Blue plugged me, caged me—half-hard, still, but I fit—and collared me again. She sat me down at a vanity table outside the showers and put make-up on my face, then put my hair in pigtails again, this time tying on pink ribbons as well. She slapped me in the face, hard, on both cheeks, and smiled nastily when I gasped. “Better than blush. Come on, slut. Lunchtime.”

* * *

I didn’t have to suck cock for my lunch this time, but I did have to serve. Blue, Red, and Silver sat in a tasteful dining room around a beautifully set table, dressed in clothes that were slutty but not ridiculous—tight low-cut tops, short skirts, and their collars, of course, all in their appropriate colors—while I had my ankles chained together to make walking difficult, and a frilly pink half-apron tied around my waist.

I shuffled around, serving them from a sideboard, and the food was mouth-watering—mashed potatoes, roast chicken, grilled fish, salad. They were being rewarded, apparently, though I didn’t know for what. When each one finished eating, they put their plates on the floor, and I was permitted to kneel and eat their leftovers, though whenever I started to get something in my mouth, Blue would demand I refill her water or fetch her more bread.

Silver gave me fully half her food, winked at me, and distracted Blue with idle chatter while I snatched a few mouthfuls, eating from the floor like a family pet. I glanced over at once, with my face in the mashed potatoes, and saw Silver was secretly fingering herself under the table, even as she talked nonchalantly. I was glad to have a secret to keep on her behalf.

A bell rang, and they rose and filed out, leaving me to clear the table and wipe the stray food off my face. The male handlers came in after a few moments, and I knelt, arms behind my back, and kept my eyes down, as taught. They leashed me and made me crawl on all fours back to my kennel, then left me with a bottle of lube and three dildos, each bigger than the last. “Train that ass, take all three of those toys, and then rest,” they said, and it didn’t even occur to me to disobey.

* * *

Silver was the one who prepared me for the night. “So lucky,” she said, applying my make-up at the vanity outside the showers. “To get to serve Mistress on your first night.”

I nodded. My ass throbbed, and so did my cock. Silver dressed me in a lacy pink negligee, with a garter belt and stockings, and tied a pink ribbon that matched the ones in my hair around the base of my cock, finishing it off with a big bow. I wore a different cock cage, a metal one that allowed my erection more room to grow, but forced it into a harsh downward curve. She adjusted the harness I wore, tightening the straps, so the dildo—bigger than my own cock—jutting forth from my hips was firmly attached. I might get to fuck tonight, but it wouldn’t give my real dick any direct pleasure.

Then Silver kissed my cheek, declared me ready, and slipped away.

I did as I’d been told, and crawled on all fours out of the room, down a hallway, and through an open door. Inside was a large four-poster bed, with ropes dangling from the posts. Bright lights illuminated the bed, leaving the rest of the room deeply shadowed. I crawled forward and then waited, face down, ass up, hands crossed behind my back, feeling deliciously exposed. Ten minutes passed, but I didn’t shift.

“Good slut,” the Mistress said. “Come here.”

I crawled forward, and when I lifted my head, Silver was on the bed, collared but otherwise naked, her legs open, her cunt wet and inviting. Blue was lying beside her, her fingers entwined with Silver’s, and Red was on her knees at the foot of the bed, wearing a collar and nothing else, eating Blue’s pussy while the blonde tugged at her hair with her free hand.

“Well?” Silver said. “Get in there. Mistress says if you can make me come with your mouth and hands, she might let you touch her.”

I responded with all eagerness. I knelt at the foot of the bed beside Red and buried my face in Silver’s cunt, using every bit of skill I had: licking, lapping, flicking, teasing. I noticed she responded best when I sucked on her clit and flickered my tongue across it, and when she ordered me to use my fingers I obeyed, matching the motions of my probing fingers to the rhythm of my tongue, feeling for her g-spot, paying more attention to her reactions than I’d ever paid to anything in my life. My jaw ached but I didn’t care. This was my purpose now.

Silver’s breath quickened, and she twined her fingers in my hair, pulling me against her, then gushed all over my face. I’d never gone down on a woman who squirted before, but I didn’t let my surprise break my concentration, and kept serving amid the wetness until she murmured “Good boy” and patted the top of my head, pushing me away.

I knelt at the foot of the bed, hands behind my back. Blue came, very dramatically, then beckoned Red up onto the bed. I knew I should have my eyes down, but I watched through lowered lashes as best I could while Silver and Blue and Red languidly kissed and stroked and fingered one another, my cock throbbing at the sight of it.

I didn’t notice my Mistress’s approach until she put her hand on top of my head affectionately. “Do you like watching them?”

“Yes Mistress,” I whispered, keeping my eyes down. I could see her boots and stockings but nothing else. I hadn’t been in a room with her unblindfolded before.

“Me too. Gets me sopping. Why don’t you fuck me with that nice new big cock of yours?” She clipped a leash to my collar and kept it in her fist as she climbed up on the bed with the others, and they moved aside to make room for her. My Mistress put her own ass in the air and her own face in the mattress, and I stood up. The bed was the perfect height for me to stand and fuck her while she knelt.

“Go on,” she said, yanking my leash. “You should have plenty of staying power. Use it.”

I slid the dildo strapped to my hips into her cunt, and she moaned and pushed back against me. “Good,” she said. “Grab my hips.” I did as she told me, and obeyed her other orders with alacrity: go faster, go slower, deeper, harder, softer—whatever she desired, I did my best to deliver. I looked down at her as I pumped away—her hair was dark and short, her ass round and delectable—and looked at the others, too, as they continued to kiss and touch and lick one another on the bed arrayed around my Mistress.

My cock ached deliciously in its metal sheathe, but I found it was so much easier to please her when I wasn’t distracted by my own pleasure. Mistress murmured to the other women, and Silver rolled off the bed and fetched a vibrator, kneeling on the floor next to me and applying the toy to Mistress’s clit while I fucked her. Silver surreptitiously put a hand on my leg, stroking my calf, and that made me even harder.

My Mistress came, gasping, and then kept coming, urging me on as she trembled, and I fucked her until my legs cramped and sweat ran into my eyes and then kept fucking her, because that was my purpose, my only purpose, my whole purpose, at least until I was given another.

Finally my Mistress collapsed, spent, and murmured to the others. They rose, Blue and Red walking off hand-in-hand in the shadows, Silver pausing long enough to kiss my cheek again before departing too.

“Climb up on the bed with me, slut.” I obeyed, and she told me to lay on my side, then spooned me, pressing her body against me, her breasts against my back, her arms around me. “What a good toy you are,” she murmured.

I closed my eyes and floated in bliss.

She kissed my hair, and moved away, and I rolled over onto my back.

For the first time all day, I lifted my eyes and looked at my wife, and she’d never been more beautiful to me, which was saying something.

“Well?” she said. “Was it everything you’d hoped for?”

I snuggled against her and exhaled happily. “Oh yes.”

“Best birthday ever?”

“Ever and ever.”

“Good, because this place cost the Earth, even just for a day. I’m still not sure who here is an employee and which ones are other customers, but they were all amazing.” She chuckled. “I thought you were going to say your safe word when I ordered you to lick up your come, though. I know it was on your ‘curious but nervous’ list, but it was too hot in the moment not to try.”

I shivered. “That was… really hard, harder than taking it up the ass, but it was amazing. All of it.” I plucked at the fabric of my sweat-soaked negligee. “Especially the costumes… I can’t really explain it—I mean, I’m a feminist, and I know gender roles are social constructs, so I don’t know why the trappings of traditional femininity are connected to submission in my mind. I know that’s stupid, but—”

“Shh. I know why. Your parents are super conservative, and wearing a skirt and sucking cock is transgressive for you, and transgression is hot. It’s all just dress-up and play pretend. You can’t help what makes you wet or hard. If it doesn’t hurt anybody else, and you can find people who are willing to play with you for love or money, I say, enjoy it.”

“I sure did enjoy it.”

“I’m glad. So what do I get for my birthday?”

“Ha. Absolutely anything you want that is in my power to give. I mean that.”

She reached over and tugged at my collar. “You want this off? And the rest?”

“Well… we’ve got the whole night here, right? And it’s still my birthday until midnight….”

My wife slipped a finger into my mouth, and I sucked on it eagerly. “All right,” she said, pulling her finger out—it “popped”—and giving me a medium-hard slap. “Roll over and show me that ass, you greedy little slut. Let’s use these ropes and tie you down. You haven’t caught a beating yet, and I know that was on your ‘yes please’ list.”

“Yes, please.”

An hour later, when I was a whimpering, sobbing, sore mess, curled up in a puddle of my own boygasm on the floor, she pressed her foot down on my cheek, pushing my face harder into the floor.

“You know,” she said, “just because we have to leave here tomorrow, it doesn’t mean we have to leave everything behind. This was a lot of fun for me, too. The collar and the cages and the little outfits are ours to keep anyway. What do you think? How would you like to be more than my special-occasion slut?”

I said I thought that was the best birthday present I could imagine.

About the Author

Wendy N. Wagner

Wendy N. Wagner is a full-time science fiction and fantasy nerd. Her first two novels, Skinwalkers and Starspawn, are set in the world of the Pathfinder role-playing game, and she has written over thirty short stories about monsters, heroes, and unsettling stuff. An avid gamer and gardener, she lives in Portland, Oregon, with her very understanding family.

About the Author

Jason S. Ridler

Jason S. Ridler is a writer, improv actor, and historian. He is the author of A Triumph for Sakura, Blood and Sawdust, the Spar Battersea thrillers and the upcoming Brimstone Files series for Night Shade Press. He’s also published over sixty-five stories in such magazines and anthologies as The Big Click, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Out of the Gutter, and more. He also writes the column FXXK WRITING! for Flash Fiction Online. A former punk rock musician and cemetery groundskeeper, Mr. Ridler holds a Ph.D. in War Studies from the Royal Military College of Canada. He lives in Berkeley, CA.

About the Author

Carrie Laben

Carrie Laben grew up in western New York and earned her MFA at the University of Montana. She now lives in Queens. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in such venues as Birding, The Dark, Indiana Review, Okey-Panky, and the anthology Mixed Up! edited by Molly Tanzer and Nick Mamatas. In 2015 she was selected for the Anne LaBastille Memorial Writer’s Residency.

About the Author

Cecilia Tan

Cecilia Tan is “our genre’s premier pornographer” (says Walter Jon Williams)—the founder of Circlet Press and winner of the RT Pioneer Award and Career Achievement Award in Erotic Fiction. Her stories have appeared in Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, Strange Horizons, Best American Erotica, Best Women’s Erotica, and many many other places. Her 15th novel, The Initiates of the Blood, is forthcoming from Tor Books in 2017.

About the Author

Jesse Bullington

Jesse Bullington is the author of the weird historical novels The Sad Tale of the Brothers GrossbartThe Enterprise of Death, and The Folly of the World. Under the pen name Alex Marshall he is releasing the Crimson Empire trilogy; the first volume, A Crown for Cold Silver, was shortlisted for the James Tiptree Award, and the second, A Blade of Black Steel, just dropped in May. All of his novels have naughty bits. He’s also the editor of the Shirley Jackson Award-nominated anthology Letters to Lovecraft, and co-editor, with Molly Tanzer, of Swords v. Cthulhu. He can be found in the Pacific Northwest.

About the Author

Chuck Tingle

Hugo Award nominee Dr. Chuck Tingle is an erotic author and Tae Kwon Do grandmaster (almost black belt) from Billings, Montana. After receiving his PhD at DeVry University in holistic massage, Chuck found himself fascinated by all things sensual, leading to his creation of the “tingler”, a story so blissfully erotic that it cannot be experienced without eliciting a sharp tingle down the spine.

Chuck’s hobbies include backpacking, checkers and sport.

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Andrew S. Fuller

Andrew S. Fuller writes and edits horror, fantasy, and science fiction. His work appears in magazines On Spec, Crossed Genres, The Pedestal, anthologies FISHA Darke PhantastiqueSwords v Cthulhu, and several short films. Since 1999, he’s edited the fiction magazine Three-Lobed Burning Eye. He grew up in the Midwest, dabbling in heavy metal and theater, and now lives in Portland, Oregon between a volcano and two rivers, where he commits archery, design, and cocktail snobbery.

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Livia Llewellyn

Livia Llewellyn is a writer of dark fantasy, horror, and erotica, whose short fiction has appeared in over forty anthologies and magazines and has been reprinted in multiple best-of anthologies, including Ellen Datlow’s The Best Horror of the Year series, Years Best Weird Fiction, and The Mammoth Book of Best Erotica. Her first collection, Engines of Desire: Tales of Love & Other Horrors (2011, Lethe Press), received two Shirley Jackson Award nominations, for Best Collection, and for Best Novelette (for “Omphalos”). Her story “Furnace” received a 2013 Shirley Jackson Award nomination for Best Short Story. Her second collection, Furnace (2016, Word Horde Press), was published this year.

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Robert Levy

Robert Levy is an author of stories, screenplays and plays whose work has been seen Off-Broadway. A Harvard graduate subsequently trained as a forensic psychologist, his first novel The Glittering World was published by Gallery/Simon & Schuster and is a Lambda Literary Award finalist as well as a nominee for the Shirley Jackson Award. Shorter work has appeared in Shadows & Tall TreesBlack Static, and The Brooklyn Quarterly, among others. He is currently working on a television pilot as well as a new novel, and can be found living in his native realm of Brooklyn.